"We are high school students who strive to make a difference"

Beyond learning tutrs is a nonprofit organization that offers free online tutoring in california for math and english

Executive Board

Executive Director & Founder

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Kai is currently a junior at Beckman High School. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others, eventually leading him to create an educational platform for the passionate to share their knowledge with those who need it the most. Along with his team, Kai wishes for Beyond Learning Tutors to become a dependable community that others can turn to for assistance and support.

Director of Operations

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Anh-Thai is a junior at Beckman High School. Anh-Thai believes in using his knowledge to help others gain new insights; through Beyond Learning Tutors, he aims to provide help in an easy-to-understand manner. In his free time, he likes to solve math problems and play games with his friends.

Director of Marketing & Public Representative

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Dylan is a junior currently attending Beckman High School. Dylan strongly believes in being kind to others and providing a voice for those who need to be heard. In the future, he hopes to become a philosophy major before attending law school to become a practicing attorney.

Director of Finance

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Brian is a junior at Beckman High School. Upon entering college, Brian plans on majoring in chemistry with hopes of becoming a pharmacist. As a member of the varsity tennis team, Brian loves to play tennis in his spare time. He also enjoys watching Parks and Rec on Netflix.

Director of Development

Kim is a senior at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS). She believes that Beyond Learning Tutors will provide the education that all students deserve. In college, she plans to major in Biotechnology in hopes of becoming a dietician researcher but also a professor to guide others to their future. On her free time, she enjoys streaming games on twitch.

Director of Communications

Ethan TS. Liu
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Ethan is a sophomore at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. Ethan believes in helping those who are disadvantaged and less fortunate, whether it be because of economic status or social status. In his free time, he loves playing basketball.