Our mission

Our mission is to create a supportive community where students feel comfortable to ask for academic help, guidance, or support, while helping them achieve their academic goals by providing personalized tutoring and mentorship. We strive to empower students by offering our knowledge, guidance, and experiences, ultimately leading students on the path to success. Through the Beyond Learning Tutors platform, we hope to help students achieve academic excellence and cultivate their knowledge into something they can be both proud and confident of.

Our STory

Beyond Learning Tutors, established during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a nonprofit organization with the goal of building a supportive community and offering a quality education, free of charge. COVID-19 affected all students worldwide, forcing schools to adopt a new method of instruction: distanced learning. Distance learning diminished the sense of community that exists in schools and made it clear that there exists a lack of personalization in education. Challenging these problems, Beyond Learning Tutors sought to build a welcoming, supportive community that students could freely turn to without being judged while offering personalized teaching, guidance, and mentorship.

about OUr tutors

Our tutors are high school volunteers who have dedicated hours of their free time to teach subjects which they have both taken and excelled in. Most have taken college-level AP courses and are passionate about sharing, strengthening, and expanding their knowledge. Our tutors offer an assortment of teaching styles and perspectives, which they adjust for each student to create a personalized tutoring experience.


"We are high school students who strive to make a difference"